Paul Broer

Paul Broer is a superintendent at the Netherlands police who have been working for the police for over 40 years and has built up a large relevant network. He is the executive strategic theme holder ‘Traffic’ of the police and European Roadpol Counsil Member of the Netherlands.

In his first police-years Paul worked in the uniformed service, but also participated in major criminal investigations. 30 years ago he got his first managerial position as commander of a police unit. Over the years he worked as a manager of a criminal investigation unit, a staff unit, a nautical police unit and two different traffic police units. He also worked more than two years as a legal assistant at the prosecutor’s office.

In two important national reorganization phases of the Dutch police he was at a strategic level involved in the formation of police processes.

Paul has followed numerous professional training courses, graduated several management educations, has an executive master’s degree in Tactical Policing and has a university degree in applied law.