Namalena1The once-a-year 24-hour Speed Marathon will traditionally take place during the ROADPOL's flagship Speed Operation (this year 21-27 March).

The event constitutes speed control during which speed limits are enforced by officer intervention i.e. police officer checking the speed by an approved method and device and subsequently stopping and penalizing the offender. The offence of exceeding speed limits is a common occurrence in all European countries. As the single most major cause of death on roads in Europe the violation is among the ones explicitly targeted by ROADPOL's special operations.

Download 2022 ROADPOL Speed Marathon logo, social media key visual and video here.


Key messages Speedmarathon


  1. Speed determines the impact of a road collision. Even a slight increase in speed raises the risk of  injury.
  2. Pedestrians have a 90% chance of surviving after being hit at 30 km/h and less than 50% at 50 km/h or higher.
  3. Excessive speed is the main cause of road fatalities. It is up to you to stay alive and save lives.