Slovenian Police Gets

Its First Hybrid Power


4160e655ff0d734592ac 62648414 17 NOV - Slovenian police received 56 new vehicles, 51 of which hybrid for the first time in its history.

Police officers got the keys to 41 Toyota Corolla Hybrid special patrol vehicles (10 of which not owned by police, but operationally leased) and 10 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid civilian special vehicles. Also, 5 standard Toyota Landcruiser special off-road patrol vehicles were handed to the police at a special ceremony held at the Police Academy in Ljubljana.


"The vehicles are mostly intended for patrolling throughout Slovenia, while we will use civilian vehicles as accompanying vehicles at protected events, such as the current Slovenian presidency of the Council of the European Union. We have taken into account not only the needs of the Police, but also the needs of our first home - nature. We also contribute to a cleaner environment in the Police”, Police Deputy Director General Danijel Žibret said.

“At the Ministry of Interior, as owner and manager of one of the largest fleets in Slovenia, we are also following the guidelines of the Development Strategy of Slovenia 2030 with the introduction of hybrid vehicles. As we have become increasingly engaged with the green paradigm in recent years we have decided to purchase vehicles which suit this path”, Minister of Interior Aleš Hojs said.

335c4e4b06bcd22c34e7 62648415PHOTOS: SLOVENIAN POLICEBenefits

Toyota Corolla Hybrid special patrol vehicles will be dedicated to the daily operational work of uniformed police officers. Hybrid propulsion will also reduce sound pollution in city centers, as vehicles with hybrid mode of operation cause significantly less noise. The civilian special vehicles Toyota RAV4 Hybrid were already used by the Police at the largest events during the presidency, when they played their role as accompanying vehicles. The vehicles are now being tested in other units of the Police and its support services. Toyota RAV4 off-road vehicles will be used to work on hard-to-reach terrains and to perform the tasks of the Special Police Unit. Toyota's new Corolla patrol vehicles will be deployed to seven police departments: - 5 at the Celje Police Department, - 3 at Koper, - 8 at the Ljubljana Police Department, 3 at Kranj, 6 at the Maribor Police Department, 3 at Murska Sobota Police Department and 3 at Novo mesto. Hybrid vehicles under operating lease are allocated to one vehicle per police administration with 2 each for Ljubljana and Maribor police administrations.


At the beginning of November 2021, Slovenian police had 2,615 vehicles available to perform their work, 86.7 percent owned and 13.3 percent leased. The average age of police vehicles is 6.8 years. 1,455 vehicles of the entire ministry's fleet meet at least one of the criteria for write-off, but this will be happening at a rate allowed by the financial circumstances.