The operation Focus On The Road has its main focus on distraction in road traffic.

The use of mobile phones, technical devices like navigation systems, tablets or laptops while driving is prohibited in most of the European countries and associated with high fines and / or driving bans.

But distraction also occurs through disputes while driving, eating, smoking or children and animals that disturb the driver while driving.

Bicyclists and pedestrians are also affected by distraction, e.g. by wearing earphones or constantly looking at the smartphone (smombies).

Distraction in road traffic increased rapidly as a cause of accidents in the last years.

Inattention, when eyes are not fixed on the road, dangerous situations are recognized too late or not at all, resulting in serious accidents.

ROADPOL would like to draw attention to the above mentioned dangers through this control week. Therefore in addition to control measures, the police of European countries will carry out a large number of preventive events about distraction.