ROADPOL has recognized that road safety issues concerning coaches and buses in Europe may be improved by a pan-European roadside inspection operation focusing on these particular vehicles. There have been many instances of serious and fatal road accidents in Europe in recent years involving coaches and tour buses. Many of these vehicles are involved in long international journeys through several European countries.

There are many commercial pressures placed upon drivers and operators involved in the operation of buses and coaches. This can lead to the illegal operation of the vehicles, particularly during the heavy traffic holiday periods of the year. This can have a disastrous effect on the safety of passengers in the vehicles and other road users.

ROADPOL Operation Bus was established and takes place for one week on four separate occasions per year during the winter and summer holiday seasons.

The most common offences detected against such vehicles are primarily those that do greatly affect road safety such as speed (often by deliberately overcoming the speed limiter), driver's hours and the dangerous technical condition of the vehicles. Traffic Police and other responsible agencies of European countries work together in the multi-agency ROADPOL Operation Bus to combat the illegal and dangerous operation of these vehicles.