ROADPOL Teaches Tachograph

To Officers From 15 Countries


116The masterclass seminar was opened at the Croatian Police Academy. PHOTOS: MUP.HR19 MAY - ROADPOL educated police officers of 15 member countries on truck control and technical inspections.

The lectures were given at a recent international seminar held May 8-12th in Zagreb in cooperation with the Croatian Ministry of Interior.


The masterclass seminar was held in the premises of the Police Academy "Prvi Croatian Redarstvenik" organized by the Directorate of Police and ROADPOL. The topic was "Monitoring of freight vehicles and buses with an emphasis on tachograph control and the technical correctness of the vehicle". Police officers of 15 countries learned and exchanged experiences and knowledge on combating tachograph manipulations for preventing traffic crashes involving buses and trucks.


On the first day of the seminar, in the premises of the Police Academy lectures were held on the topic of truck control by Croatian and German police experts with a special focus on new forms of fraud that appear in traffic on roads throughout Europe, while Italian experts presented new devices which are used for wireless data download from new generations of tachographs.

IMG 6176Adverse weather did not hinder field work.Inspections

On the second day, the seminar continued in the premises of the Croatian Vehicle Center, where participants were introduced to the method of performing technical vehicle inspections and vehicle registration in the Republic of Croatia. In the premises of the vehicle technical inspection station, they were shown live the methods of vehicle inspection, device calibration and clarified procedures that precede the registration of motor vehicles.


On the last day of the seminar, the work of the Mobile Traffic Police Unit was presented to the participants, with a focus on the daily control of trucks and buses. The participants also took part in the joint preventive and enforcement action "Monitoring of goods vehicles and buses". Representatives of the police, road traffic inspection, customs officials, Croatian Vehicle Center team and representatives of the European Labor Inspection Authority participated in the action.


IMG 6187                 Mrs. Veic handing certificate to participant Juan Pedro Sanz Rallego from Spain's Guardia Civil.The opening ceremony as well as the closing stages of the seminar were attended by ROADPOL General Secretary Sanja Veic. She handed the participants their official seminar certificates, which confirmed their training in supervision of trucks and buses, tachographs and truck and bus drivers working hours.