ROADPOL Council’s Deledda

Presenting ADR To Students


TBADR transport is among ROADPOL Truck & Bus Operation's main targets.16 MAY - ROADPOL Council member Federica Deledda made a presentation on carriage of dangerous goods by road (ADR) to students.

The lecture was held within the program of the International Transport System and Transport Risk Seminar at the Polytechnic University of Milan - a renown scientific-technological university which trains engineers, architects and industrial designers. The audience was comprised of undergraduates from the disciplines of Civil Engineering and the master course on Civil Engineering and Risk Mitigation.


As all countries increasingly depend on industrial technologies, dangerous materials are always on demand and dangerous wastes are actively generated. Thus concern is mounting over the safe transport of hazardous materials, which pose a threat to public safety and the environment, stated Mrs. Deledda at the Seminar. It is estimated that hundreds of millions of tons of dangerous goods are moved daily by truck as a primary mode of transport, Mrs. Deledda said. She then informed the audience that this is the reason why dangerous goods control is one of the targets of ROADPOL’s Truck and Bus operation. These substances are further of interest to the Police because they pose a severe risk not only to road safety but also to general security.

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In Italy Traffic police is in charge for inspection of vehicles carrying dangerous goods, Mrs. Deledda explained. These checks are made in protected areas far enough from other vehicles to minimize any risk for people travelling on the road. “During the checks, we pay attention not to endanger persons, property or the environment and not to cause any disruptions of road services. If we notice that the requirements of ADR haven’t been met, we may interrupt a transport operation until the defects are rectified or we may prescribe other appropriate measures“, Mrs. Deledda described to the students.


Mrs. Deledda is an Executive Officer of the Italian Traffic Police and heads the provincial Traffic Police Section of Cremona. She joined the Italian State Police in 1991. Mrs. Deledda got a law degree at the University La Sapienza in Rome and also a Master’s degree in Communication techniques at the LUISS University in Rome. As an organizer and speaker she has taken part in numerous seminars and conferences on road safety.