Vow To Cooperate

In A Historic Memorandum


viber image 2022 03 16 19 09 43 935President Orben (left) and President Henninger signing the memorandum at the World Police Summit. 

11 APR - ROADPOL and the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) signed a historic memorandum vowing to intensify their future cooperation.

The signing ceremony took place within the World Police Summit in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates in the end of March. The memorandum was signed by ROADPOL President Volker Orben of the Police of the German state or Rhineland-Palatinate and IACP President Dwight Henninger, Chief of Police of Vail, Colorado, USA.


The purpose of the Memorandum of understanding between the two associations as stipulated by it, is to establish a framework for cooperation within their respective competencies. The two police entities vowed to strengthen their commitment in collaborating in areas such as research projects related to road policing and traffic safety as well as strategic analysis and exchange of expertise linked to their respective programs. The two organizations will also support each other in law enforcement training initiatives in the field of roads policing. Regional conference organization and workshop partnerships are also among the fields of future cooperation. After the signing ceremony President Henninger handed President ROADPOL IACP's sign of honor for ROADPOL's "outstanding commitment to the global policing profession".

viber image 2022 03 16 19 09 06 783President Orben receiving the IACP's sign of honor. Evaluation

„This is a great step forward considering that it is in the common interest of both ROADPOL and IACP to contribute to strengthening police cooperation through learning, training, information exchange and research activities for police officers in Europe as well beyond“, President Orben stated. He pointed out the already amicable relationship between the two associations and reminded the fact that in 2021 IACP granted ROADPOL the Excellence in Traffic Safety Award for being an exemplary police agency and leader in the field of transportation safety.

The memorandum stipulates that the General Secretary of ROADPOL and the Chief Executive Officer of IACP shall each designate a person to act as a focal point with a view to ensuring the implementation of its provisions.