REPORT FROM POLAND: Against illegal racing on city streets

REPORT FROM POLAND: Against illegal racing on city streets


PL Against illegal racing on city streetsRecently, it has become particularly loud again about amateurs of dangerous driving on public roads, although this is not a new phenomenon.

Unfortunately, few days ago young pedestrian was killed by the vehicle, which took part in the illegal racing on the streets of Lodz. Police take decisive action by issuing fines, stopping with driving licenses and registration documents of traffic pirates!

Police officers are constantly monitoring forums and social networking sites, where information about planned meetings and races appears. In connection with the automotive event planned last weekend, you could also expect visits by moto fans of illegal racing and drifting. The police also could not miss such event, although our purpose of visit was completely different from the participants.

The actions of the SPEED team that night focused on preventing illegal races in Lodz and the surrounding area and resolutely responding to attempts to violate the law.
Policemen appeared in places where participants of illegal races usually meet. In addition, the actions were based on carrying out inspection of cars after tuning.

Policemen always pay attention to noise levels, exhaust emissions, mandatory equipment and any technical changes to vehicles that are not in compliance with regulations. Effect?
Only during one Friday, officers revealed 96 offenses, seized 5 registration documents and 16 driving licenses.


Streets racing are illegal and taking part in them is a conscious threat to oneself and others and can lead to the criminal offence. But those who loves fast driving and the adrenaline don't realize that they can lead to tragedy. They put everything on one card and ignoring the consequences of such behavior.

Unfortunately the following Sunday morning dramatic road accident happened in which a 19 years old driver were killed. The prosecutor's office and police determine whether the driver was racing with another car.
Police officers during such events always try to encourage young drivers to use the racetracks. Last year during summer holidays on the racetrack near Lodz police with some other stakeholders organized special trainings. After few hours there drivers humbled noticing their shortcomings in the technique of driving a vehicle.

A drone had been used in recent activities. Its use turned out to be a shot at the proverbial 10, recorded footage is very helpful and will also be used in cases that will have their final in court.,Przeciwko-nielegalnym-wyscigom-na-ulicach-miast.html