Rare Parrot

Saved By Police


Papagaio6 FEB - A rare parrot was lucky to be saved by a team of one of Portugal's police forces.

The Lisbon Territorial Command of the Guardia Nacional Republicana, GNR, collected a blue parrot of the species Amazona aestiva in the village of Almoçageme in the municipality of Sintra, some 30 kms from Lisbon on February 5.


The operation was facilitated by the Environmental Protection Center (NPA) of Sintra. Following an alert from a popular person informing that there was a parrot on the terrace of his house, NPA agents proceeded to collect the bird, which appeared to be in good health. The animal was delivered to the Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests (ICNF) in Sintra. The National Republican Guard, through the Service for the Protection of Nature and the Environment, has the protection of animals as its daily concern, calling for the denouncement of environmental situations, the Guard's press office informed. For this purpose, the SOS Ambiente e Território Hotline (808 200 520) may be used, operating permanently to report infractions or clarify doubts.