Soon summer holidays, that's why the police from the Traffic Department of the Warsaw Metropolitan Police Headquarters have already started preparations for this hot period. The nearest long weekend will be kind of test, during which officers will go out on the road to control traffic and fight with road pirates. New police vehicles that were sent to the Warsaw headquarters a few days ago are to help them in this confrontation.

Constantly the main cause of road accidents is excessive speed. Numerous appeals do not help. Road pirates are still ignoring restrictions, and hence the number of deaths is still increasing. Only from the beginning of this year, 44 people died in 425 road accidents on the roads of the capital garrison. Although this is a decrease of 28 people compared to the same period of 2019, we must not forget about 44 family tragedies.

PRE HOLIDAY EXAM 2Summer holidays is very important season in that area. During summer season lot’s of drivers drive without imagination. They use good weather conditions and develop high speeds on the roads. Such behaviours very often have tragic consequenses. During last summer holidays season (in 2019) on the roads of Warsaw Metropolitan Headquartres garrison occured 307 accidents, in which 29 people lost their lives. In 2018 in the same period occured 321 accidents and 26 people were killed.




Striving to improve these infamous statistics, the traffic police officers from the Warsaw Metropolitan Headquartres are preparing for the summer season. A police exam ahead of them during the next long weekend. From Wednesday, more controls will appear on the garrison's roads. Their goal is to end bravado on the roads. Officers of the SPEED group operating in the Road Traffic Department will be fight against the road pirates.


The SPEED group included the best of the best policemen. And although they are real experts behind the wheel, they would not have had such results when prosecuting road pirates, if they didn’th have such professional equipment at their disposal.
At the beginning of 2019, 19 specialistly equipped cars and motorcycles hit, which SPEED police officers leave for service. These include labeled: BMW RT motorcycle with 125 hp, Skoda Superb with 272 hp and BMW 184 hp and unmarked BMW with 252 hp.
Author: E.D (translation: MZB),Przedwakacyjny-egzamin.html