Police Smashes Huge Illegal Street Racing Event

11 FEB - A huge illegal racing gathering was knocked down by road police units in Plovdiv, media in Bulgaria reported.

GonkaThe Police was called to the scene by residents outraged by the noise. PHOTO: MVR.BGThe party of more than 100 drivers, snow drift enthusiasts, street racing devotees and just spectators had amassed at a shopping center parking in town.

The parking was just a starting point of a trip destined to include high speeding in urban areas and to end up in the Rhodope Mountains for a snow drifting showdown. The apparent gathering of more than 100 racy-looking vehicles, majority of which BMWs, raised lots of eyebrows in the shopping center. The additional engine rev rumble soon prompted nearby residents to call the Police. The area was not far away from the Fifth Police Station so that it took little time for the first units to arrive. Four patrol cars arrived at first with officers blocking parking exits and starting immediate checks on drivers most of whom under 25 years of age. Later more police teams came on scene. Part of the racers received enforcement measures on the spot with numerous licence plates impounded. Others were fined for excessive engine noise in breach of municipal health regulations.