Police catches speeders from customized toilet


The unit Midden-Nederland of the Dutch National Police have come up with a new way to hide flash equipment: in a mobile toilet.


After a road has been built or reconstructed by the road authority, it is not finished.

Roads need regular maintenance, such as mowing the roadsides or pruning bushes and trees, as well as freshening up or adjusting road markings and repairing crash barriers.

This must of course be done in a way that is as safe as possible for road workers.

On the Waterlinieweg, a provincial road in Utrecht, it has become apparent in recent years that this safety is being compromised.

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Also this time, the police traffic specialist for the city of Utrecht was approached by the province to see if the police could help.

The traffic specialist asked the Traffic Enforcement Team to monitor the speed during the maintenance, but only if work was actually taking place. We have done this several times, for example by the use of laser (cam) and the use of the radar. In this case, both the radar and the laser operator were placed in a customized “Dixi” (a mobile toilet). In this way we were completely absorbed in the work and were not noticed. A form of smarter enforcement.
During the work, the normal maximum speed of 70 km/h was reduced to 50 km/h.
In one week, 143 fines were issued for exceeding the speed limit.

This commitment was greatly appreciated by the road workers, they were able to complete the work quickly and safely.


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