ROADPOL Newsletter September 2022

ROADPOL Newsletter September 2022

                                                                           ‍16 September 2022 ‍ ‍|

Peaking During The European Mobility Week


Safety Days❤️💙 Event Registration


Extended Throughout September 


GenSecWelcome To            

The September 2022  

ROADPOL Newsletter



Dear road safety followers,



raising public awareness of road safety is among the basic pillars of ROADPOL's mission.This is why we created the ROADPOL Safety Days - our flagship annual campaign, which starts today. Herein you can find some fresh news on how the campaign is unfolding.


Further on you may find out the results of our latest enforcement action on the roads of the continent - this time targeting the ultimate killer - speeding.


Also, see how Cyprus is taking on personal mobility devices safety - helmets are to be mandatory there.


In view of the ongoing war in Ukraine, find out how this affects the legitimacy of some Russian licence plate numbers.


And don't forget to sign your ROADPOL Safety Days pledge here.


Stay Alive and Save Lives!


Yours Sincerely,

Heinz Albert Stumpen

ROADPOL General Secretary

Signatur HA

TasosInsp. Tasos AshikkisROADPOL Safety Days event registration period is extended throughout the month of September for the first time in 2022.

So far the registration period has been limited only to the extent of the campaign days 16-22 September. As always the peak of the campaign remains in this period coinciding with the European Mobility Week. “The ROADPOL Safety Days project has the goal of achieving zero fatalities on at least one single day”, explains RSD project manager Insp. Tasos Ashikkis of Cyprus Police.

Read more


6,5 Mln Vehicles Checked During ROADPOL

1221Speed Operation


6.5 million vehicles in 17 countries were checked during the latest successful ROADPOL Speed Operation, carried out in August.

A violation rate of 6.09% was detected by police officers with laser-guns, unmarked police cars equipped with video and by technical means such as radar cars, speed cameras and section control systems. Read more

e scooter helmetCyprus Makes

Helmets A Must

On E-scooters


A new law in Cyprus introduces restrictions and prohibitions on personal mobility devices (PMDs).

It regards electric unicycles, scooters, hoverboards, scateboards, segways, etc. and sets new rules among which the mandatory use of helmet at all times while riding. Read more

Numbers Reveal Illegal Russian Plates


RussianSpecific numbers reveal illegal Russian licence plates, which are not recognized in the European Union, Insp. Floris De Vogel of Antwerpen local police informed.

Through reliable sources De Vogel, an international expert in license plates and vehicle registrations, found out that new registration plates are being issued to private vehicle owners in the territories of Ukraine currently occupied by Russia. Read more

Youngest Ever French General Becomes

GendarmerieChief Road

Safety Advisor


General Florence Guillaume of the French National Gendarmerie was appointed interministerial delegate for road safety.

She will lead the directorate in charge of establishing and implementing the road safety policy of the government with a view to reducing the number of road crashes. She has already been seconded to the Prime minister’s Cabinet. Read more


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