ROADPOL Newsletter July 2022

ROADPOL Newsletter July 2022

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Join In The 2-4 August Event! Places Still Available

Crash Test Demo Planned 

For 2022 ROADPOL Seminar 

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ROADPOL Newsletter



Dear road safety fans,


we have always tried to highlight ROADPOL as not only a network of road safety enforcement, but also a network of road safety knowledge and expertise. Read further to get more info on the upcoming annual ROADPOL Seminar. If you are a representative of a ROADPOL member police force and wish to attend, call your ROADPOL national point of contact - there are still several places available.


Further on you can get aware with how ROAPDOL was presented at a large road safety event in Brasil.


See also some shocking road safety stats from Belgium and how a brutal road crash led to a large police operation in Bulgaria.


There is info on the development of the ROADPOL 2023-2025 Strategy as well. 


Enjoy your reading!


Stay Alive and Save Lives!


Yours Sincerely,

Heinz Albert Stumpen

ROADPOL General Secretary

Signatur HA


A visit to a crash test site and a demonstration are among the highlights of the upcoming 2022 ROADPOL Seminar.

The annual educational event of the European Roads Policing Network is scheduled to be staged 2-4 August. Numerous reputable presenters from a wide range of fields concerning road safety are planned to attend the seminar, the program shows.

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ROADPOL Starring At Road Safety Seminar

Leandro BrasilIn Brasil


ROADPOL was among the organizations presented at a recent International Seminar on Road Safety In Brasil.

The seminar was staged by the Federal Highway Police - PRF of Brazil on June 22-23 in the capital city of Brasília. One of the presentations was by ROADPOL Council member Leandro Fuentes of Spain's Guardia Civil.

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0000535913 article2War On Drugs,

Alcohol  After

Nasty Crash

Enrages Bulgaria


An outrageous crash caused strong public outcry and an immediate start of a police alcohol and drug campaign with no time limit set in Bulgaria.

The crash happened on the 5th of July late at night in the center of the capital Sofia. An SUV at a gravely excessive speed run by a former football player under crossed at red light a large intersection hitting a left-turning taxi, injuring the driver, then splitting in two and killing two innocent female pedestrians.

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New Strategy

Draft Finalized


ROADPOL 2023-2025 Strategy preparation has been finalized.

The critical document has been worked on since the beginning of the year and was fully accomplished by a ROAPDOL working group in Sofia, Bulgaria in the beginning of July. Read more

French Gendarmerie Helping During Big

Photo archives NR Aziliz Le BerreHoliday



French Gendarmerie Nationale is setting out tо assist drivers at the start of the big summer holiday travel.

The departmental road safety squadron (EDSR) of Indre will set up a "gendarmerie reception" in place on two areas of the A20 motorway during three weekends of expected heavy traffic. Read more

Belgium Hits Record Number Of Speeding


Offences Ever


A record number of speeding offences were registered in Belgium.

This is revealed by the national traffic statistics for 2021 which were recently published. Speeding numbers are the most striking among the data. Read more

ROADPOL SAFETY DAYS Website To Launch Без имеOn July 20


The 2022 update of the ROADPOL Safety Days website is set to be launched on July 20.

The website features modernized design, seamless pledge signing procedure as well as a new event registering process. For the latter road safety fans should make a new registration since no login with last year's credentials will be possible.


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