ROADPOL Newsletter March 2022

ROADPOL Newsletter March 2022

                                                                                08 December 2022 ‍ ‍|

From Convoy Escorting To Refugee Assistance

Neighboring ROADPOL Forces

Helping Ukrainians In Crisis 

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The March 2022  

ROADPOL Newsletter



Dear road safety devotees,



after years of peace war is back to Europe and our prayers go to all who suffer.


In this edition you can find out what ROADPOL members neighboring or geographically close to Ukraine do to help in the ongoing refugee crisis.


Further on, get aware with ROAPDOL's stance on the automated cars of the future and the need for Police to have access to in-vehicle data for the purposes of road crashes investigation.


Take a look at some interesting findings as a result of our latest Truck&Bus Operation.


And, last not least, do not forget to register here for the ROADPOl and ETSC online events on road safety enforcement scheduled for tomorrow - 16th March.

Stay Alive and Save Lives!


Yours Sincerely,

Heinz Albert Stumpen

ROADPOL General Secretary

Signatur HA

Polish Police KidROADPOL forces in states neighboring or close to Ukraine have been strongly affected by the raging war and its consequences.

From Finland in the north to Bulgaria in the south road police units have been actively engaged with activities directly or collaterally caused by the conflict and the growing refugee crisis resulting from it. Convoy escorting, helping with car breakdowns, ensuring road safety in border areas, distributing food and supplies and taking general care of the refugees are among their recent assignments. Read more


For Data Access To 

Vehicles of the future


ROADPOL, the European Association for Accident Research and Analysis (EVU) and the global leader in vehicle inspection, DEKRA, are calling for extending of data access to connected and automated vehicles.

The three partners urge the European Commission to draw up specific legislation in view of its Data Act proposal which is to set up general principles for access to and use of data generated by products. It is imperative for this legislation, ROADPOL, EVU and DEKRA insist, to cover access to in-vehicle data which is needed to carry out sovereign tasks, such as road accident investigation and analysis, vehicle inspection, and prosecution. Read more

LUX FEB 2020 7 Namalena6% Of Truck Drivers In

Rest Times Violation


About 6 out of 100 truck drivers on the roads of Europe are either in rest time violation, or their tachograph is manipulated or not properly managed.

This is among the findings of ROADPOL's latest Truck&Bus Operation. The operation focuses on the control of commercial goods and passenger transport and was the first one of a total of four planned for 2022. Read more

Moped Meets And Rallies Keeping FinlandFinnish Police Busy


Moped meets and other types of rallies were increasingly frequent and actively attracted the attention of Finnish Traffic Police in 2021.

These are among the conclusions drawn from preliminary annual statistics, published by the Police. Read more

ROADPOL and ETSC Setting Up Free Events

Eesti politseiOn Road Safety Enforcement


ROADPOL and the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) are organizing two free online events on road safety enforcement.

The events are scheduled to be run tomorrow (16th of March). The first one is set up by ETSC and will focus on speed enforcement, distraction, the non-wearing of seat belts and cross-border enforcement. The second event is the ROADPOL Workshop on Enforcement. More info


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