Cyprus Makes Helmets

Mandatory On E-scooters


e scooter helmetUsers will be obliged to use helmets at all times while riding. PHOTO: ISTOCK14 SEP - A new law was published in Cyprus introducing restrictions and prohibitions on the use of personal mobility devices (PMDs).

Those are electric unicycles, scooters, hoverboards, scateboards, segways, etc.


Among other provisions, it determines that the persons who are allowed to use these devices must be 14 years of age or older, the streets and places where the devices are allowed to be used as well as the obligation of the users of the devices to have a protective helmet, appropriately fastened. The law stipulates also that the users must have suitable glowing signals on their outfit from sunset to sunrise. It is prohibited to carry any passenger, unless some requirements are met (age of 12 and above, seated on a seat,
use of helmet). The law forbids using scooters on any motorway or fast traffic road. The scooters are exempted from third party insurance.

The use of the Personal Mobility Device is only allowed on roadс where there is a traffic sign which determines the maximum speed limit to 30 km/h and/or cycling roads, cycling lanes, etc. PMDs cannot be used in pedestrian areas, except when clearly otherwise indicated. It is expected that at some point the Minister of Transport, Communication and Works will determine a maximum licensing fee per Personal Mobility Device, via a notification, which will be published in the Official Gazette of the Republic.


The law also determines the sentences for the offences likely to be committed. The fines may vary, depending on the offence, with a maximum of one thousand euros (€1000) or five thousand euros (€5000), while imprisonment sentence may vary from a time period of no longer than three months to a maximum of six months. The court has the power to impose both sentences (a fine and imprisonment).
As of 1st September Cyprus Police already started checking for violations of the new rules.


According to a new law, in Cyprus, there shall be a legal obligation for the use of protective helmet by a cyclist and a bicycle passenger from the 1st of February, 2023, provided that a Registrar’s notification is issued and published in advance in the Official Gazette of the Republic, concerning the approval of a specific protective helmet for a cyclist or a bicycle passenger. In the event of committing an offence and conviction, the offender shall be
subject to a fine that does not exceed the amount of five hundred euros (€500).