Finnish Police Targeting Distraction

During ROADPOL Safety Days Week


IMG 5174PHOTO: POLIISI.FI14 SEP - The police in Finland will conduct a nationwide monitoring operation on 16-22 September 2022 on the use of seat belts and protective helmets as well as inattentiveness in traffic.

The operation will coincide with ROADPOL's Safety Days flagship annual operation.


Monitoring of inattentiveness includes the distractive use of technical devices while driving a vehicle or tram as well as the use of a handheld mobile phone by the driver of a motorised vehicle or tram while driving. According to the Finnish Crash Data Institute (OTI), 61, almost half, of the 131 casualties in accidents involving a passenger car or van were not wearing a seat belt. Road accident investigation teams have estimated that 26 of the casualties could have survived had they been wearing a seat belt.


Heikki IhalainenHeikki IhalainenChief Superintendent Heikki Ihalainen at the National Police Board says that wearing a seat belt also has an important role in collisions at speeds in built-up areas since a seat belt might either completely prevent injuries from occurring or significantly reduce them.

“Inattentiveness typically involves the driver using a handheld mobile phone while driving. Taking one’s eyes off the road for a few seconds because of a message is particularly dangerous. The distractive or hazardous use of other technical devices is also prohibited while driving,” says Ihalainen.