Cross-border Travel Focus Of

ROADPOL Safe Holiday Operation


LPD00479malkaPolice frequently focus on recreational vehicles (RV). PHOTOS: POLIZEI.RLP.DE15 AUG - Police forces are watchful as ROADPOL Safe Holiday Operation is running across the continent in the month of the great summer travel.

This year's focus of participating police forces is cross-border summer vacations.


Specifically in Spain Guardi Civil are targeting drivers from Belgium, France, Netherlands, etc., that are heading for summer holidays to the North of Africa, mainly Morocco. Also, Portugal's Guardia Nacional Republicana (GNR) are connecting with Spanish colleagues for joint controls in Spain for drivers coming from Central Europe to Portugal's South for summer holidays. Ivan Kapun chief traffic policeIvan KapunMeanwhile, Slovenian Police issued a warning to all summer drivers for the month of August as many people are heading to various destinations in Slovenia or abroad. Police issued a recommendation that drivers be aware of traffic jams on all major highways and the Alpian Karawanks Tunnel to Austria. We advise everyone who is going on a journey in the next days to plan their journey accordingly, be patient on the roads and to respect the traffic rules”, said Slovenian Traffic Police chief Ivan Kapun.


Every country participating in the ROAPDOL Safe Holiday operation is carrying out different activities, because in each country, there are different circumstances and road safety risks, Head of Operations for Traffic and Transportation Section at Spain's Guardia Civil and ROADPOL Council and Operations Working Group member Leandro Fuentes Martín explains. The motive for the operation is the fact that during summer holidays many European residents travel by car on the European roads and these journeys usually take place on specific days in July and August.Spain Leandro Fuentes MartinLeandro Fuentes Martín “It has been observed that at times these drivers and their families travel long hours with rather little rest. Then there is the problem of the technical conditions of the car and the fact that these journeys often include carrying all kinds of personal belongings, both inside and outside the vehicle, often not properly laden. All this may generate risky situations on the roads that could lead to serious crashes endangering not only drivers and passengers in these said vehicles, but other road users as well”, Fuentes adds.


“The operation is considered to be a useful tool for increasing the road safety of every country during summer on the occasion of these massive displacements. The effectiveness is boosted by the operation being carried out as a timely synchronized effort by every Traffic Police Force throughout the continent”, explains Fuentes. According to him suggested actions within Safe Holiday operation include speed controls, checking load conditions, vehicle security elements (seat belts and conditions of the tires) as well as vehicle weight controls.


“Traffic Police actions must be supported by media and marketing campaigns aimed at raising awareness of the holiday travel risks among drivers so that they can prepare the car and the journey properly. Setting up of informational and enforcement campaigns in specific places of the European main routes can increase the road safety in all the countries where these drivers travel through. It would be even more effective if these roadside controls are carried out jointly by Traffic Police Forces from neighboring countries at their common border”, Fuentes also advises.