6,5 Mln Vehicles Checked During

ROADPOL Speed Operation


1221PHOTO: MVR.BG14 SEP - Good news sometimes arrive late and so do the results of the latest successful ROADPOL Speed Operation, carried out in August.

17 countries took part in the speed checks carried out throughout the continent.

During the operation more than 6.500.000 vehicles were checked. A number of 158.055 violations were detected by police officers with laser-guns, unmarked police cars equipped with video. A number of 238.036 violations was detected with technical means such as radar cars, speed cameras and section control systems. In some countries, figures on automatic digital enforcement are not available si it can be assumed that the actual number is much higher.

„There are still too many collisions in which road users are injured or killed. On average, 70 people are killed every day in Europe as a result of collisions. The number of injured people is many times higher. In the Netherlands only, 147 driving licenses were confiscated during the action week, because drivers exceeded the speed limit with 50 km or more“, commented ROADPOL Operational Working Group Secretary Henk Jansen of Dutch Police.

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„Speed is sometimes the main cause of a collision, but it can also be a by-cause, for example when not giving right of way or ignoring a red traffic light. Speed also affects the consequences of a collision. The higher the speed in a collision, the greater the damage to the vehicle, but also the greater the risk of serious injury or even death. It is therefore always wise to adapt your speed to the circumstances“, Jansen explained.


“The legal speed limit that applies on a particular road is therefore not a goal, but just a limit. Many people drive too fast to gain time. People left home too late or the traffic is bad. Usually, the time saved when driving too fast is small. The average speed is considerably lower than the speed read on the speedometer. Apparently, people are willing to take big risks for a few minutes of time saving“, the road safety expert explained. „So always drive safely and certainly not too fast. Stay alive and save lives“, called out Jansen alluding to the slogan of the upcoming ROADPOL Safety Days annual campaign.