Turkish Road Police At Front

Of Earthquake Relief Efforts


Turkey Earthquake                         Traffic Police officers took active part in relief efforts. PHOTO: EGM.GOV.TR14 FEB – ROADPOL member Turkish Road Police has been actively involved in law enforcement and relief efforts in regions affected by the devastating earthquakes which hit the country on February 6th.

The two major earthquakes with magnitudes of 7.7 and 7.6 in the central province of Kahramanmaras in Türkiye brought destruction to thousands of buildings in a wide area covering 10 provinces. As a result of the earthquakes, approximately 30,000 citizens have lost their lives and 80,000 have been rescued so far.

French Comedian Causes

Deadly Crash Under Cocaine


Pierre Palmade Car Accident Due To Cocaine Overdose Is He 681x511Three cars were involved in the deadly crash. PHOTO: SUDRADIO.FR13 FEB - Famous French comedian Pierre Palmade caused a fatal road crash while driving under the influence of drugs, Gendarmerie Nationale informed.

The crash happened on February 10th around 7:00 p.m. on the D372 road at Villiers-en-Bière in the south of Seine-et-Marne department.

Belgium Strikes Lowest

Drink Driving Record


belgaimage 2065570Belgium stroke its lowest ever drink driving record with its latest BOB winter campaign resulting in just 1,8% positive alcohol tests, the lowest percentage since the start of the campaigns.

During the latest effort a total of 427,603 drivers were checked by the Federal Highway Police and Local Police branches. Of these, 1.80% were positive.

Italian Road Police Speedster

Races To Deliver Kidney to Patient


STRADALE 4The roadster is equipped for swift emergency missions. PHOTO: POLIZIA DI STATO9 FEB - Italian road police team raced to deliver a kidney to Turin after a donor situation emerged in L'Aquila, some 700 km away.

The life-saving organ was transported to a 57-year old patient on a transplantation waiting list at the Molinette hospital in the Piedmont regional capital in less than 5 hours.

France Recording 30% Hike In

Cycling And Scooter Deaths


300933182 395738476015856 8747513608060732358 n                                     The reference year is 2019 due to heavy drop in traffic flow during the pandemic. PHOTO: GENDARMERIE.FR2 FEB - A 30% surge in cyclists and scooter users mortality was registered in France, the National Road Safety Body announced based on conclusive 2022 statistics.

A total of 3,260 people died on the roads of mainland France in 2022.