ROADPOL Brings Its First

Out-of-Europe Meeting To Success


viber image 2023 03 07 14 18 16 994                            President Zsinkai (left) and General Secretary Veic at the World Police Summit. 18 MAR - ROADPOL successfully carried out its first out-of-Europe meeting in Dubai (4-6 March).

The regular spring meeting of the European Roads Policing Network was hosted by Dubai Police, which holds an observer status within the network.

 40% Of Children Travelling Unsafely


330962776 1177448279605533 7645452837067567520 n3 MAR - 40% of children travel in cars in an unsafe way, a recent survey carried out in Hungary shows.

The survey targeting seat belt use showed that drivers of vans and minibuses are far behind in compliance compared to drivers of passenger cars, although there is no improvement for the latter either. It can also be concluded that weekend drivers are more careful than everyday drivers.

35 Modern Motorbikes Handed

To Croatian Road Police


Q DSC 70632 MAR - Croatian traffic police has been advanced with a fresh batch of 35 most modern motorcycles.

Motorcycles were purchased with funds from the National Road Traffic Safety Plan and distributed to 19 police administrations where they will be used for traffic police work and to the Police Academy for training police officers.

Brussels Introducing Single

EU-wide Digital Driving Licence


FqIGSQMXwAEm52C1 MAR - The European Commission introduces plan on a EU-wide digital driving licence.

It is part ot Brussel's proposals to accelerate road to Vision Zero to be achieved by 2050 by also introducing new rules on novice drivers and alcohol and facilitating cross-border traffic violation enforcement.



Unlock Smart Cars Data



Ritratt ta PR 103 22 2                                           Sound police investigation is key to victims and relatives pursuit of legal justice. PHOTO: THE MALTA POLICE FORCE22 FEB - ROADPOL is actively urging Brussels to amend proposed relevant EU legislature in order to give police access to in-vehicle data of automated cars, which are expected to expand their share in road traffic of the future.

The European Roads Policing Network has been warily monitoring the development of the new EU Data Act, designed to regulate the digital transformation and advancement of the union and its member states. ROADPOL insists that the act be amended so that digital data from vehicles is accessible to police for the sake of effective road crash investigation.