ROADPOL Online Seminar 29.07.2020

ROADPOL Online Seminar 29.07.2020



First ROADPOL online-Seminar was a full success

Due to the situation the regular annual seminar had to be exchanged to an online version. With support of CEPOL, who allowed to use their techology, we were able to provide interesting topics to a greater audience: more than 50 participants registered to the session and gained actual information about the impact of COVID in Italia and what lessons can be learned, the strategic approach of Luxemburg towards PTW, a case study regarding investigation after a fatal crash using digital evidence and the current state of a research project for early detection of dangerous areas in road traffic using smart data.


The presentations are ready for downloading for those who did not find the time to participate.

1. Paolo Cestra (Italy): COVID-19: Impacts on traffic safety work

2. Federica Deledda (Italy): COVID impact on traffic safety

3. Project presentation EDDA+ (Italy)

4. André Schaack (Luxembourg): Strategic approach PTW in Luxembourg

5. Ulrich Bux and Klaus Kasten (Germany): From fatal Crash to premediated Murder by Evaluation of digital Evidence

Actally we are planning to purchase a similar programme to be able to conduct such ROADPOL online-seminars in the future.