ROADPOL Newsletter August 2022

ROADPOL Newsletter August 2022

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ROADPOL Safety Days❤️💙To Be Promoted At Major Tech Festival

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The August 2022  

ROADPOL Newsletter



Dear road safety enthusiasts,



raising public awareness of road safety is among the basic pillars of ROADPOL's mission.This is why we created the ROADPOL Safety Days - our flagship annual campaign. Herein you can find some fresh news on the upcoming 2022 edition.


Further on you may find out the results of our latest enforcement action on the roads of the continent - targeting trucks and buses.


There is a summer story as well. In the month of leisure travel we are actively monitoring traffic flows and through our "Safe Holiday" operation we are ensuring no vacation time is ruined by reckless driving and unsafe vehicles.


Also, read an amazing story by our colleagues in Poland. It is heart-touching. Literally.


Ah..., and don't forget to sign your ROADPOL Safety Days pledge here.


Stay Alive and Save Lives!


Yours Sincerely,

Heinz Albert Stumpen

ROADPOL General Secretary

Signatur HA

RSD Turkey1ROADPOL Safety Days (RSD) campaign is set to be promoted within the TEKNOFEST Aerospace and Technology Festival in Istanbul, Turkey.

ROADPOL member, The Turkish National Police, is planning to organize a number of RSD events at the venue in September. The presence of the Mobile Traffic Educational Truck is envisaged among the scope of the Police activities. A road safety class will be taught to children from kindergarten and primary school students. Read more

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120.000 Violations

Marked At

Back-To-Back Truck&Bus Actions




Nearly 120.000 violations were registered by police teams across the continent in the two back-to-back ROADPOL Truck&Bus enforcement operations.

The couple of operations were organized in quick succession, namely from 13 to 19 June and from 18 to 24 July. The operations focusing on the control of commercial goods and passenger transport were partaken in by a great number of police forces, some of which elected to join both the editions. Read more

Police Racing To Bring Heart To Recipient


TransplantA Polish Highway Police patrol dashed at racing speed in order to deliver a heart to a transplant recipient.

The extreme situation developed after a road crash in Silesian Voivodeship. Medical team on site pronounced a victim being brain dead and a donor situation was immediately declared. The recipient was soon announced – а 64-year old male hospitalized at the University Clinical Hospital in Wrocław. Read more

France Cracking Down On Off-road-bike GN 2 Urban Rodeos


The French government has pledged a new crackdown against illicit motorbike cruising by youths in suburbs across the country after two children were seriously injured by a rider near Paris at the weekend, Radio France Internacionale announced.

Rowdy late-night races and stunts known as "rodeos" have become increasingly popular in low-income neighbourhoods in particular, leading to traffic and noise disruption that has been denounced by local officials and many residents. Read more





Cross-border Travel Focus


Safe Holiday Operation




Police forces are watchful as ROADPOL Safe Holiday Operation is running across the continent in the month of the great summer travel.

This year's focus of participating police forces is cross-border summer vacations. Read more


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