ROADPOL Newsletter May 2022

ROADPOL Newsletter May 2022

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2022 ROADPOL Safety Days Launched


All Eyes On September 21st As

Day With Zero Road Fatalities

President Volker Orben publicly announcing the launch of the 2022 campaign. PHOTO: ROADPOL

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The May 2022  

ROADPOL Newsletter



Dear road safety enthusiasts,



this edition features the launch of our flagship annual public awareness campaign - the ROADPOL Safety Days in which we strive to achieve ZERO deaths on the road for at least one single day. Our aim is to prove that through the Police, institutions and communities joining hands this is totally achievable. And if achieved ones, it could be achieved on any day to come.


Further on you may find out the results of our latest ROADPOL Seat Belt operation aimed at enforcing the usage of these safety devices plus the crucial child seats.


Besides being a network of enforcement, ROADPOL is also a network of knowledge and education. Hence herein you will find news on the upcoming annual ROADPOL Seminar. 


Enjoy your reading!


Stay Alive and Save Lives!


Yours Sincerely,

Heinz Albert Stumpen

ROADPOL General Secretary

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viber image 2022 05 11 18 49 17 238Zero road deaths on the roads and streets of Europe are totally achievable.

This was firmly stated by ROADPOL president Volker Orben at a press conference marking the launch of the European Roads Policing Network's flagship annual road safety preventive campaign – the ROADPOL Safety Days. At the event held in Larnaca, Cyprus, and organized by ROADPOL member Cyprus Police, Mr. Orben called on institutions, businesses, NGOs and members of the public from across the continent to support the campaign and help the ZERO to be achieved. Мore

1280 960 maxROADPOL Seminar

Dates Set


2022 ROADPOL Seminar will be held on August 2-4 in Münster, Germany.

The dates and venue for the annual ROADPOL educational event were set at the latest European Roads Policing Network's Council meeting in Larnaca, Cyprus in the beginning of the month. Read more

ROADPOL Gets 50.000 Wearing No Seat Belt

Seat belt1

More than 50.000 people were found wearing no seat belt while in a moving vehicle during the latest pan-European ROADPOL Seat Belt Operation.

The concentrated enforcement campaign was carried out for a week in April with 18 European road police forces performing active roadside checks. The focus was also at child restraints and wearing of helmets. Read more

Police Crack Down On Guillotine Crossing


iStock 1164075275 Finnish Police started a crackdown on the so called "guillotine" crossing in its latest enforcement operation.

The campaign was carried out in the beginning of the month and was focused at enhancing the safety of vulnerable road users.

Read more

Police And Families United In А Campaign






A major national campaign designed to tackle the UK’s road death endemic kicked off, bringing together police, victims’ families and celebrities.

The RoadPeace Andy Cox Challenge 2022 features a prominent policeman running and cycling to highlight that five people die every day on the roads of the UK. The event is managed by ROADPOL's staunch supporter “Road Safety Support”. Read more


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