ROADPOL Newsletter February 2022

ROADPOL Newsletter February 2022

                                                                                17 February 2022|

With A Truck Rest Times Operation Across Europe


Cooperation Further

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ROADPOL Newsletter



Dear road safety enthusiasts,



once again a fresh copy of our news content is loaded on your display and once again we won't disappoint you in our relentless drive for less tragedy on the roads and streets of Europe.


In this edition you may find out how our cooperation with the European Labour Authority is taken a step further to ensure truck drivers remember that rest time is both their right and their duty.


Road police is often involved in anti-drug activities and herein we shed light on such successful operations.


Belgian Federal Police is giving an example of future-building by inviting teenagers to a course within its ranks.


On the funny side, find out about a weird social experiment with police speed cameras. Oh, there is also a story about a rare parrot. Enjoy!


Stay Alive and Save Lives!


Yours Sincerely,

Heinz Albert Stumpen

ROADPOL General Secretary

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roadpol aire de capellen 3ROADPOL and the European Labour Authority took their cooperation further up by performing another series of their joint enforcement inspections on commercial heavy goods vehicles.
The joint activities took place in Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Portugal during the week of 7-13 February concurring with the regular ROADPOL Truck&Bus enforcement operation. Read more

Two ROADPOL Presidents To  Speak At

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Two ROADPOL presidents are expected to speak at the upcoming World Police Summit (WPS).
Current and Honorary presidents, respectively, Mr. Volker Orben and Mr. Paolo Cestra, will take part in the event, scheduled to be carried out in Dubai and set to develop the thought-leadership, direction and strategies that will shape the future of policing in response to global security challenges. Read more

Belgium drugs


55 Kilos

Of Hashish

Seized In




55 kgs of hashish were seized in a single vehicle during a large cross-border operation of four ROADPOL member countries.

From 3rd to 6th of February the Police and customs services of the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and Belgium organized a cross-border action against drug trafficking and drug tourism. Read more

273745189 309339451230195 7928750237778062478 nFake Speed Cameras

Mounted In А Pranky

Social Experiment



Fake speed cameras were installed at different locations in Kaunas, Lithuania, as part of a weird social prank.

The deactivated control devices were found out when police patrol teams came across them while circling through residential areas of the country's second largest city. Read more

Bulgarian Police Run A Kids Road Safety

жури 3 Comic



Bulgarian Police recently organized its first ROADPOL National Kids Comic Competition on Road Safety.
Held under the slogan "Life takes precedence" (Life has priority), it presented 314 comic pieces by authors of ages between 7 and 18. See gallery


Police Save Rare

Parrot in Portugal


A rare parrot was lucky to be saved by a team of one of Portugal's police forces.

The Lisbon Territorial Command of the Guardia Nacional Republicana (GNR) collected a blue parrot of the species Amazona aestiva in the village of Almoçageme in the municipality of Sintra, some 30 kms from Lisbon. Read more


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