ROADPOL Newsletter November 2021

ROADPOL Newsletter November 2021

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Offence Rate Twice The One Of Spring 2021

Supply Chain Crisis Shoots Up

Truck Violations

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The November 2021  

ROADPOL Newsletter


Dear road safety enthusiasts,


global pandemic is relentless in its various means of disrupting the world as we knew it.


In our current newsletter find out how the surge in global demand for freight services it created affects road safety in a dramatic manner. The findings are a result of our latest ROADPOL Truck&Bus Operation.


Herein, take a look at our Slovenian colleagues' brand-new nature-friendly “toys”.


You can also learn about a special technique French Gendarmerie uses for roadside inspections, which proves to be quite effective.


Last, but certainly not least, World Day of Remembrance for road fatalities is coming up and ROADPOL President has a message on it.


Stay Alive and Save Lives!


Yours Sincerely,

Heinz Albert Stumpen

ROADPOL General Secretary

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OAD GGD91 5223The surge in demand for commercial road transportation after the peak of the pandemic has dramatically affected the violation rate in the trucking sector in Europe, results of latest ROADPOL Truck&Bus Operations show.

The violation rate for trucks was 35,21%, nearly twice the one registered during the same operation held back in May 2020. For freight traffic, this means that a violation was found in almost 1 in 3 trucks. The reason was... Read more

ROADPOL President Honors World Day Of Remembrance


ROADPOL President Volker Orben honored the upcoming World Day of Remembrance by sending a clear message to violating drivers.

Mr. Orben expressed support to the cause of applying 30 km/h (20 mph) speed limit in all urban areas where motorized traffic and vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, kids, cyclists and elderly people mix. Read more

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 Slovenian Police Gets Its First Hybrid Power


Slovenian police received 56 new vehicles, 51 of which hybrid for the first time in its history.

Police officers got the keys to 41 Toyota Corolla Hybrid special patrol vehicles and 10 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid civilian special vehicles. Also, 5 standard Toyota Landcruiser special off-road patrol vehicles were handed to the police at a special ceremony held at the Police Academy in Ljubljana. Read more

ROADPOL President of Honour Explores New

Paolo Cestra neu 300 Road Policing Concept

In Fresh Book


A new citizen-centered system of implementing road safety is the subject of ROADPOL President of Honour Paolo Cestra's new book.

The study explores the vision of road safety being achieved by respect of rules and no longer only by repression of violations. Read more

French Gendarmerie Uses Full Diversion

OAD GGD91 5362Against




40 drunk and 11 drugged drivers were caught in an enforcement operation by French Gendarmerie.

The operation was carried out by the Essonne department road traffic division featuring several units diverting 100% of the vehicle flow to an ispection lane.

Read more


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