Stopped on motorway A1 drunk truck driver speeding 110 km/h


The Traffic Police, last night, on the A1 motorway, intercepted and stopped a foreigner truck driver who was living1 in Italy, completely drunk, luckily before he made any trouble.

It was around 10.30 p.m. of the 25 august 2020 when at the Traffic Police Control Room (COPS) in Florence received a phone call from an alarmed employee of the Service Station who reported a drunk driver, heedless of invitations not to do so, was about to leave with his truck on direction Florence.

Immediately, the COPS warned the Traffic Police patrols on the motorway, providing color, type and number plate of the vehicle, which the citizen had very appropriately noted.
Even before the officers of the Traffic Police - Subsection of Arezzo were able to intercept him, COPS itself received another phone call from a terrified person who reported that a truck had just pass his vehicle at a speed of over 110 km/h and with a not right driving behavior.
2It was not easy for the Traffic Police patrol to stop the truck, but after a few attempts they managed to do so.
The truck driver, a foreigner living in Italy and employed by Italian Company, could not even speak: he had a alcohol level of 2.13 g/l and his driving-licence was immediately withdrawn, he was reported to the Court-Prosecutor for the crime of drunk driving and truck was seized.
The Traffic Police underlines the importance that the cooperation with the citizens was of fundamental importance to avoid disastrous consequences.