New Team to Handle ROADPOL Communications


4 JAN 2021 - New team has been assigned to manage ROADPOL's communications.

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The duo, Deyan and Elena Dyankov, will have the task of defining ROADPOL messages target groups and media channels. The couple will manage the Traffic Police Associations's press releases and newsletters and will create a long-term communication plan  for ROADPOL's activities. The team will also aspire to strengthen ROADPOL's social media presence and administer ROADPOL's websites and Deyan and Elena will handle events and press conferences for ROADPOL and overall, ensure consistent corporate identity for the European Roads Policing Network.

The Dyankov team believe their joint experience, education and background will help them do a great job for ROADPOL.

Elena has 15 years of experience within the realm of marketing, advertising, public relations and campaign management as a creative director in one of the largest advertising agencies in Sofia, Bulgaria. Numerous clients have entrusted their advertising and communication goals with her. Elena's experience and knowledge of advertising and communications would be key for the needs of ROADPOL as far as definition of target groups, key messages and media tools are concerned. Deyan is a journalist with more than 15 years of experience in covering transportation and road safety affairs within popular print and online media.


Through the years of his media work Deyan has worked with national and European road safety institutions, interviewed numerous key stakeholders and created large amount of content on road safety enforcement, transport infrastructure and new technologies. „I have progressively come to see advancing road safety as my personal goal“, comments Mr. Dyankov. “As a family with two great 4-year old twins we believe that road safety is of great importance for any developed society and that European policies in this area should advance to an ever increasing targets. Every life lost and every injury incurred brings vast emotional, economical, financial and social damage and thus road traumatism has no place in the society of the future. Being part of ROADPOL's lineup gives us a chance not to just do a job but to contribute to a cause we believe in“, concludes the Dyankov team.