New Speed Marathon Logo to Debut in April


14 FEB - ROADPOL's annual Speed Marathon will be carried out under a brand-new logo. The new design will be unveiled for the upcoming event scheduled for April 21st.

Logo Speed Marathon ExplosionThe new Speed Marathon will soon be unveiled...“The new logo represents the dynamic nature of speed while clearly emphasizing on its illegality. It aims at triggering a feeling of alarm in the target audience and conveying the message of the recklessness of speeding”, ROADPOL Communication manager Elena Dyankova explains.

She reveals that the new logo typography employs the colours and fonts of the IMG 6318Elena DyankovaROADPOL main logo rendering it in line with contemporary brand consistency principles. “The logo enhances ROADPOL's brand identity by affirming the network's core message – the one that united cross-country police effort is key factor for achieving road safety in Europe. We really hope it will be well received by our partners, stakeholders and the general public so that it could serve its ultimate goal to raise ROADPOL's brand awareness and recognition”, Dyankova concludes.



The once-a-year 24-hour Speed Marathon will traditionally take place during the ROADPOL's flagship Speed Operation (19-25 April). The event constitutes speed control during which speed limits are enforced by officer intervention i.e. police officer checking the speed by an approved method and device and subsequently stopping and penalizing the offender. The offence of exceeding speed limits is a common occurrence in all European countries. As the single most major cause of death on roads in Europe the violation is among the ones explicitly targeted by ROADPOL's special operations.