Luxembourg Raising Awareness On

Smartphone Distraction Penalties


Distractions17% of deducted points in Luxemnbourg are due to phone use. PHOTO: POLICE.LU21 JUN - Luxembourg is raising awareness on smartphone distraction while pointing at increased sanctions in a new video, circulating during a national campaign.

The use of smartphones while driving has been identified as a significant cause of crashes in the country.


In response authorities have increased penalties for offending motorists: they now face a deduction of 4 points from their license (up from 2) and a fine of 250 euros (up from 145). To reinforce awareness of the stricter measures, the Police joined by other institutions have launched a new campaign warning that making calls, sending messages, and using apps drain significant attention from drivers. Despite being aware of the risks, many drivers continue to engage in these behaviors, as evidenced by the significant number of points deducted in 2023. Mobile phone use while driving accounted for 9,492 points lost, or 17% of all deductions, compared to 32% for speeding violations.

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Now as part of a preventive campaign an explanatory video has been produced to clearly communicate the ban on mobile phone use while driving. The campaign is being broadcast on radio, in cinemas, displayed on various media websites and social networks, and featured on digital screens in buses. Additionally, the campaign's messages appear on the backs of 10 buses in the RGTR network and on the top of 5 buses in the TICE network. The "Kuckt op d’Strooss" (Look at the road) campaign is also displayed on road signs and 72 screens in different car parks. Furthermore, campaign messages will be shown on variable message boards along the roads of the country.


"This comprehensive approach aims to raise public awareness and encourage compliance with the new regulations. Distracted driving, particularly due to mobile phone use, is an alarming phenomenon that demands our attention," emphasizes ROADPOL Executive Council member and Chief of Luxembourg Road Safety and Traffic Legislation Agency Andre Schaack. "This is why it is increasingly becoming a large focus of our preventive and enforcement efforts to ensure the safety of all road users."