Italian Road Police Speedster

Races To Deliver Kidney to Patient


STRADALE 4The roadster is equipped for swift emergency missions. PHOTO: POLIZIA DI STATO9 FEB - Italian road police team raced to deliver a kidney to Turin after a donor situation emerged in L'Aquila, some 700 km away.

The life-saving organ was transported to a 57-year old patient on a transplantation waiting list at the Molinette hospital in the Piedmont regional capital in less than 5 hours.


The precious shipment was delivered by officers of the Road Police who boarded a Lamborghini Huracan patrol car an started the life-saving journey from the San Salvatore hospital in L'Aquila, whete the kidney was explanted from the donor. The 700 km stretch was covered for exactly 4 hours and 45 minutes which resulted in a 150 km/h average speed. As soon as the transplant was performed, the kidney started working in the best possible way and the recipient immediately felt relief.


The story is one of many in which the supercar in the State Police sky blue livery brought hope and happy end to a long period of suffering. The car, part of the national Cross-over program, has already allowed many people to overthrow illness and continue their lives as healthy individuals. The Huracan has completed over 200 exceptional transport services in favor of the delicate organ donation chain.


To carry out this type of intervention, the front trunk of the Lamborghini was equipped with special refrigerated equipment for the urgent transport of organs for transplants. The special police car, which is donated by Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A., is also equipped with a defibrillator for emergency cases. In addition to having carried out more than 350 operational services on roads and motorways, the supercar has also taken part in over 1,500 road safety education meetings to spread the culture of safe driving.