Ireland Welcomed Back To ROADPOL


iber image 2023 01 11 15 20 14 879new                    From left: Mr. Suba, Mrs. Mulligan, Mrs. Zsinkai, Mrs. Hilman, Mrs. Veic and Mr. Woods at the meeting. PHOTOS: ROADPOL MEDIA11 JAN - Ireland is gloriously returning to ROADPOL.

The news came after a fruitful meeting of representatives of the European Roads Policing Network and the national police service of Ireland, An Garda Síochána in Budapest, 10th January.


The meeting was dedicated to negotiating the rejoining of An Garda Siochana which ceased its membership in 2021. At the venue ROADPOL was presented by President Elvira Zsinkai, herself a leading officer at Hungarian Police Road Traffic Division, General Secretary Sanja Veic and Assistant to the President, István Suba. Meanwhile the Irish delegation comprised of An Garda Assistant Commissioner of Roads Policing and Community Engagement Mrs. Paula Hilman, Inspector of Roads Policing and Community Engagement Claire Mulligan and Inspector of Roads Policing Peter Woods.

viber image 2023 01 11 15 19 59 948At the meeting ROADPOL President was handed the official An Garda sign.Agreement

The negotiation proceedings went smoothly and in a manner of cooperation and mutual respect, both sides informed after the meeting. The sides came to an agreement that Ireland will rejoin ROADPOL at first formal instance available.

“We are very pleased with the result of negotiations and we are welcoming Ireland back to our network. I am absolutely convinced that An Garda can enrich ROADPOL with their knowledge and experience”, said General Secretary Sanja Veic. Irish representatives too expressed their eagerness to once again participate actively in the life of the organisation.