French Gendarmerie Sets Up Full

Diversion Against Alcohol, Drugs


OAD GGD91 536240 drunk and 11 drugged drivers were caught in a large-scale enforcement operation by our colleagues of Gendarmerie nationale.

The operation was carried out by the Essonne department road traffic division during a November weekend on the N20 – a major road carrying traffic between Paris and the Franco-Spanish border. The gendarmes from several units diverted the whole flow of vehicles to carry out checks - in particular of alcohol level and narcotics.


More than 1000 checks were carried out in less than 4 hours. In total, 71 offenses were noted, including 40 for blood alcohol level (10 criminal offenses), 11 for infringement of the legislation on narcotics, three license failures and two insurance failures.

In Essonne operations involving the complete diversion of a road, are carried out about three times a year and complements the control and prevention actions carried out on a daily basis by the gendarmes.


Thanks to the full diversion, involving large personnel positioned on the control spot in strategic places not even a single driver is able to evade the inspection. “Drivers have nowhere to go, because there are only two lanes. Also, when they are diverted, they do not know the reason. Later when they see an inspection is being performed, they are well beyond the turn-around point and it is already too late to run", explains Gendarmerie captain Olivier Faure, head of the departmental road safety squadron (EDSR) of Essonne.