Federica Deledda and Damyan Vladinov

Accede To ROADPOL Executive Committee

Italy’s Federica Deledda and Bulgaria’s Damyan Vladinov have acceded to ROADPOL’s Executive Committee.

Damyan Vladinov photo 1Damyan Vladinov

FedericaFederica Deledda The renovation came at ROADPOL Council’s latest meeting in Budapest with elections being held for both positions. Mrs. Deledda and Mr. Vladinov are replacing outgoing executives Tasos Ashikkis of Cyprus and Paolo Cestra of Italy, who is also ROADPOL’s President of Honour.


Mrs. Deledda is currently a Deputy Commissioner of the Italian State Police and Chief of the Traffic Police of the Province of Cremona. She graduated from the Police Academy in Rome at the age of 24 after which she was appointed as an investigator to deal with burglaries, robberies and drug dealing. I was responsible for managing the patrols with territorial control functions: the so called “Flying squad”. It was a job of great responsibility and very exciting, but the best emotions were always when I worked among the public with the neighbourhood policemen or when I went to the schools to meet the children. The greatest personal benefit of our work is the contact with people! And when you can help them and they know they can trust you”, Deledda said.


After 13 years with the squad, Mrs. Deledda opened a new career page with the Traffic Police. “It was a real challenge for me. So many new thing to learn! But I discovered a brand new way to help people: through prevention, awareness-raising and close monitoring we can really save people's lives. I have never felt so useful!”, explained the Italian who is also a member of ROADPOL Council. Mrs. Deledda features a degree in Law with top marks and honours and a MA in Public Communications. “But the most important and beautiful things I have learned, I did on the road”, concludes the freshly-elected executive. With an extremely busy work schedule, Mrs. Deledda tries to spend every bit of her spare time with her husband, her kids and her Golden Retriever - Balu.


Mr. Vladinov is a graduate in Engineering from the Technical University of Sofia and a postgraduate in International Economic Cooperation from the University of National and World Economy in Sofia. He joined the police in 1998 and since 2004 has been head of unit within the Traffic Police Department to the National Police Chief Directorate. He has been responsible for various areas of activities: Information Systems, Specialized Exchange of Information and Cooperation with EU. Since 2015 he has held his current position as Head of Section “Driving Licenses Exchange of Information". Mr. Vladinov has been designated National Contact Point as regards the EU Directive on driving licenses with responsibility for direct communication with the respective national authorities of EU member states. He has many times been awarded for achieving high professional results.


Mr. Vladinov have sat on ROADPOL (formerly TISPOL) Council since 2008 and has been a member of Technology Working Group since 2012. He has actively participated in a large number of road policing trainings, seminars, and cross-border enforcement operations in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. Since 2007 he has worked in different Road Safety expert group formats chaired by the Directorate-General ”Mobility and Transport” of the European Commission. He is also the Bulgarian representative to the EC High Level Group on Road Safety with main responsibilities to participate in road safety discussions at EU level and to ensure the link between the EC and Bulgarian road safety institutions.

Volker Orben 300Volker Orben Mr. Vladinov is married and has two sons. “I adore the mountains and practice skiing and cycling. I enjoy good music and love to travel”, tells the new executive of his time off his busy work routine.


"It's with an utmost pleasure that I welcome Federica and Damyan on board. Their vast experience both within their national police forces and ROADPOL (TISPOL) will surely provide crucial thrust to our cause of strengthening police cooperation and increasing road safety across the European region. ", ROADPOL President Volker Orben commented on the new executives accession. Mr. Orben further expressed deep gratitude to Mr. Cestra and Mr. Ashikkis for their dedication to ROADPOL and their meritorious tenure on the Executive Committee.