Drones Target Road Offenders in Spain

14 FEB - Drones have detected ten offences after monitoring 530 vehicles for a weekend, Spain's road police force, Guardia Civil, announced.

Guardia Civil DronDrones are ever more frequently used by Spanish road enforcement. PHOTO: GUARDIA CIVILThe operation was carried out on different sections of N-432 and N-IV roads in the province of Cordoba in the autonomous community of Andalusia.

The drones were operated by personnel from the Air Resources Unit of the General Directorate of Traffic and the Drones Group of the Civil Guard Traffic Group, supported by agents of the Córdoba Subsector of the Civil Guard Traffic Group.


The surveillance targeted roads with highest accident rates, such as the N-432 between Córdoba and Cerro Muriano, the section being permanently flooded by large number of motorcycles and cars as well as cyclists on weekends. In addition, the drone teams monitored the N-IV between Córdoba and Alcolea, a part designated by the General Directorate of Traffic as a "protected cycling section", as it is popular cycling route. The section has special road surface marking applied warning drivers of other vehicles to use extreme caution and care with this vulnerable group. Some of the violators were stopped on the spot while others were being processed by competent authorities, the Government Sub-delegation in Cordoba informed.


The drones hover at an altitude of 120 meters above surface offering sufficient visual field to the monitored area. Spain's road enforcement authorities use them primarily for traffic surveillance in sections with highest risk for vulnerable road users such as cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians. The devices are also used to spot cases of driver distraction as their angle of view allows them to see if driver uses smartphone under the level of the dashboard. Drones are very suitable for operations in which a high number of vehicles are monitored as well as for complementing helicopter missions. They are used also in emergencies severely affecting the traffic and safety of road users.