This is a ROADPOL country driving guide to help drivers visiting the Turkey.

Visitor Information:

  • Turkey has a population of approximately 84 million of which  30 million drive on the roads every day.
  • There are approximately 23 million vehicles registered in the TR, of which 12 million are cars, 3.3 million are motorcycles and 3.8 million are van.
  • The total number of drivers in Turkey has been rised approximately % 4 up to 30.6 million in 2020.
  • By the way Turkey is bordered by Kara Sea in the North, Aegean Sea in the West and Mediterranean Sea in the South. And also has a big role of linking between the European continent and Asian region.
  • The official language is Turkish. But also some kind of traditional dialects of languages from far east countries can be spoken all over the country.
  • There is 25.705 km long total road volume in Turkey. And 3.060 km of it is used for highway, 20.723 km is used for state road and 1.922 km is used for Province road.
  • Driving in the TR is on the right side of the road. All vehicles are permitted left-hand drive.
  •  The international vehicle ID code is TR.

Collision & Breakdown Information: 

When you have an accident without injury and only cars are damaged you can get off the car and take photo shots of the accident area and have to take your cars nearest point of the road immediately. After than you have to fill up the Traffic Accident Determination Report Form with other driver. And than you must take copies of your own official registration report, traffic insurance policy and vehicle updated inspection reports given by TUVTURK and must give and exchange these copies with opposite drivers. After all you can leave the accident area and give all the forms and copies of reports to your own insurance company. You don’t need a police record only cars are damaged.

But if you don’t agree with the opposite driver about the odd of accident you can call the police in to the accident area. Also when you crash to the official vehicles (Black Plates Car) or the vehicles who drives with drunk driving or uses vehicles without driver’s license, you have to call 112 and the traffic police will come in to the accident area and traffic police are to take a CRASH REPORT for yourself. The traffic police will measure the alcohol limit both of drivers and take pictures of the crash side.

       TR residents are not known generally to speak foreign languages.



  • Under current legislation drivers who commits road traffic offences don’t pay by cash unless they come face to face with Traffic Police. But also the offences can be written to the registration plates of the owner of the vehicles by the traffic police.
  • The drivers can appoint to the provincial courts to cancel for the wrong written offences and only the courts has a power to decide to cancel the offence which are written by the police or electronic enforcement systems.
  • By the way in TR not only traffic police but also the other police officers can comply traffic offences to the registration plates of vehicles while on the way. Also there are about 45.000 civil traffic detectives apart from traffic police.
  • Camera technology is generally used to enforce compliance with road traffic legislation e.g. Excess speed, contravention of red traffic light intercity roads. But also speed controls are conducted by the traffic police in cars with using control triangles near the road.   
  • In the highway roads the high speed limit for automobiles is 132 km(including %10 tolerance) and in the separated state roads between cities, the high speed limit for automobiles is 121 km(including %10 tolerance).

For more information watch out Turkish Traffic web site “