This is a ROADPOL country driving guide to help drivers visiting Norway.

Visitor Information: 

  • Norway has 5 million residents, 2.8 million cars, a road network of approximately 93,000 kilometres and 3.13 million driving licence holders.
  • According to historical accounts, the small kingdoms of Norway were united into a single state around 885 AD, by Harald the Fairhaired, a Viking King.
  • The coastline of Norway, including fjords and bays, stretches over 20,000 kilometres.
  • Norway is the sixth largest country of Europe in terms of land mass. However, in terms of population, it ranks only 28th.
  • Norway shares a long border with Sweden and shorter one in the north with Russia and Finland
  • The international vehicle ID code is N.

Collision & Breakdown Information: 

  • You are required to carry a red warning triangle and a yellow fluorescent vest in your car in case of a breakdown or an accident. In case of breakdown the warning triangle should be placed in a good distance ­ if possible at least 150 metres ­ from the vehicle so that others can see the breakdown in time. The driver must use the yellow fluorescent vest when he/she moves outside the car.
  •  Anyone, whether at fault or not, shall immediately stop and help people or animals that have come to harm. Those who are involved in a traffic accident have a mutual obligation to provide their name and address. Driver of the vehicle shall also state the owner's name and address and the number of the registration plate. If a traffic accident has caused death or personal injury, contact the police immediately. Do not leave the place of the accident without obtaining police consent. If you do have to leave the scene of any accident, then you must contact the police about your involvement in the accident, as well as giving your name and address. If you have caused damage to property following an accident, then you must contact the owner of the property, or the police, about the accident as soon as possible afterwards. Third party insurance is compulsory.

Useful Phrase 1 - English: 

Call the Police!

Useful Phrase 1 - Destination: 

Ring politiet!

Useful Phrase 2 - English: 

Do you speak English?

Useful Phrase 2 - Destination: 

Snakker du engelsk?

Useful Phrase 3 - English: 

Where is the nearest fuel station?

Useful Phrase 3 - Destination: 


Useful Phrase 4 - English: 

Where is the nearest fuel station?

Useful Phrase 4 - Destination: 

Jeg har gått meg bort?

Useful Phrase 6 - English: 

Thank you!

Useful Phrase 6 - Destination: 


Road Traffic Policing: 

Awaits Content

Road Traffic Enforcement: 

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Individual limits and specific driving requirements: 

For more information about driving in Norway please see the European Commission Road Safety website - 'Going Abroad':