This Country Driving Guide is to help drivers visiting Bulgaria.

Visitor Information: 

  • The population of Bulgaria is 7.10 million.
  • The country borders with Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, Romania and Serbia.
  • The coastline with the Black Sea is 354 km in length.
  • Bulgaria has 3,826,962 registered vehicles of which 3,013,863 are cars
  • There are nearly 4.5 million driving licence holders in the country
  • There are 674.8 km of motorway and expressways
  • The official language is Bulgarian and the Cyrillic alphabet is used
  • The international vehicle identity plate is 'BG'

Collision & Breakdown Information: 

  • If you are involved in a collision, you must stop without endangering others and remain at the scene. If there is injury, call Police on 112. Do not move the vehicle(s) unless necessary. Do not consume alcohol before the arrival of control authorities. For damage only collisions, exchange driver, owner and insurance details and co-operate to determine damage caused. Notify the Ministry of Interior of the collision.
  • If broken down stop in a safe place and arrange for recovery of the vehicle. Use 112 (24 hour toll free number)

Useful Phrase 1 - English: 

Call the Police!

Useful Phrase 1 - Destination: 

Извикайте полицията!

Useful Phrase 2 - English: 

Do you speak English?

Useful Phrase 2 - Destination: 

Говорите ли английски?

Useful Phrase 3 - English: 

My car has broken down.

Useful Phrase 3 - Destination: 

Колата ми се развали.

Useful Phrase 4 - English: 

Where is the nearest fuel station?

Useful Phrase 4 - Destination: 

Къде е най-близката бензиностанция?

Useful Phrase 5 - English: 

I am lost!

Useful Phrase 5 - Destination: 

Изгубих се!

Useful Phrase 6 - English: 

Thank you!

Useful Phrase 6 - Destination: 



Road Traffic Policing: 

  • Mandatory daylight running lights.
  • Restrictions on young drivers.
  • Road signs showing areas of high collision concentration.

Road Traffic Enforcement: 

  • Bulgarian National Police website www.mvr.bg
  • Police emergency contact number 112.

Individual limits and specific driving requirements: 

  • For more information about driving in Bulgaria please see the European Commission Road Safety Link - 'Going Abroad'