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Don’t drink and drive – Go Pink for life



Today we would like to present you a very special initiative against drink-driving.
Don’t drink and drive – Go Pink for life

On 05.01.2020, seven young Germans died when a drunk driver (27) drove into their group in Luttach, South Tyrol / Italy. Ten other people were injured in the accident, some of them seriously.

They only had to cross the zebra crossing to reach their hotel.

The result of the blood test of the driver showed a value of 2 %o. No brake marks were found.

The families, the injured and traumatised victims have been struggling ever since to come to terms with their grief and consternation about this accident.

Flamingo klein 4 1

Initiator of the #GoPinkForLife initiative is

Martina Nierhoff, the mother of Janine Benecke (22), who died in the accident.
Janine survived cancer in 2015. Her positive attitude to life and her love of flamingos and the colour pink were her trademarks, which also became the logo of the campaign.
With her initiative, Martina Nierhoff wants to make the world a little "pinker" and raise public awareness of drink-driving.

"If we successfully avoid even one accident in the future, , then we have achieved our goal".


What makes #GoPinkForLife different from other campaigns?

Martina Nierhoff and her fellow campaigners call on people to get involved.
Act instead of looking away - solidarity instead of ignorance.
Everyone should have the courage to stop a drunk driver from getting behind the wheel in the first place.

Flyer Vorderseite final scaledMartina and her colleagues report from the perspective of those affected and can thus reach others in a more authentic and emotional way.

They give lectures at schools, are available as interview partners (also in English) and are currently in the process of establishing a network with other organisations.

The initiators are always looking for ambassadors (already over 80). The campaign has already been widely reported in the media, including outside Germany.

#GoPinkForLife is looking forward to further sponsors to keep the campaign alive.
The website is available in German and English (currently under construction).


It quickly became clear that ROADPOL wanted to support this initiative. Therefore we would like to ask everyone to visit their homepage (https://gopinkforlife.de/en/home), Facebook or Instagram #GoPinkForLife.

#GoPinkForLife is looking forward to further sponsors to keep the campaign alive.

ROADPOL would also like to report on other initiatives by relatives of road accident victims and therefore asks you all to send us information on such initiatives. Whether in Europe or in other countries of the world.

You are welcome to use our contact form or contact us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..