CROATIA: no excuse on the roads. Increased traffic control in the Police Directorate Koprivnica-Križevci after the easing of epidemiological measure.


As part of the mitigation of epidemiological measures introduced in Croatia in March 2020 with the aim of preventing the spread of the infectious disease COVID-19, on 11 May 2020 cafes, bars and restaurants re-opened and people were allowed to leave their residence without a permit. This meant an increased frequency of traffic and an increase of drivers violating traffic regulations. To ensure optimal safety for all road traffic participants, Police Directorate Koprivnica-Križevci amplify traffic control, in particular speed control, driver alcohol and drug testing, control off seat belt and mobile phone use and control off recidivist.

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From 11 to 19 May 2020, policeofficers in Police Directorate Koprivnica-Križevci supervised 1.215 drivers, 476 drivers tested for alcohol. During this period, police officers detected and sanctioned 787 traffic violations. 317 drivers violated speed limits, 40 drivers were under the influence of alcohol, 93 drivers didn’t use seat-belts and 37 drivers used mobile phones while driving. Police officers arrested 10 drivers and detained 8 drivers until they were sober. Against 10 arrested drivers, recidivists incommitting traffic offenses, proceedings were conducted in the Municipal Court were they were found quilty and punished by high fines, imprisonment and banned from driving cars for a several months. The greatest penalty was imposed to a 53 year old car driver who was driving an automobile under the influence of 2,77 ‰ alcohol (0,50 ‰ is allowed), without usage of seat belt, when his driving licence was revoked and when he was banned from driving. The driver was arrested and his car was confiscated. In the Minicipal Court in Koprivnica driver was fined with 41.000 kuna, sentenced to 60 days imprisonment with a probation period of 12 months and banned from driving car during the period of 24 months. The Court decided to return the vehicle to a driver. Since the implementation of the new amendments to the Road safety law, this was the second time that the Police Directorate Koprivnica-Križevci confiscated vehicle from driversrepeatedly caught and sentenced for committing the most dangerous traffic offenses.