ROADPOL Operation FOCUS on the ROAD

ROADPOL Operations
09/10/2023 00:00 - 15/10/2023 00:00

ROADPOL Operation Focus on the Road is a coordinated pan-European enforcement action by Traffic Police Officers from each ROADPOL member country and takes place on Europe's roads addition to the daily national Traffic Police enforcement activities to combat distraction in road traffic.

In addition to speed, distraction is one of the most common causes of collisions. Although this is often thought, distraction in traffic is not such a modern problem at all. Of course, the focus has increasingly shifted to this due to the mobile phone and its use, especially by road users.

But before the introduction of the smart phone, traffic distraction already existed. Shaving, putting up make up, eating and so forth. Today's cars offer with treir electronic in-car systems even more distraction than the old-timers.
All these factors divert the attention of the road user. The attention that the road user should have for the traffic he or she is in.