Heinz Albert Stumpen 300ROADPOL
General Secretary
Heinz-Albert Stumpen (Germany)

In a police career spanning 42 years Mr Stumpen served in the German federal state of Northrhine-Westphalia, where he rose to be Deputy Head of Traffic Police for the city of Münster. Since 2013 Mr Stumpen has been Deputy Head of Faculty and a lecturer for traffic science and traffic psychology at the German Police University.

August 2020 he retired and became officially Guest Lecturer at the German Police University.
Mr. Stumpen is certified Auditor for Total Quality Management (ISO 9000 et seq.) and Lead Auditor Road Traffic Safety Management Systems (ISO 39001).
He publishes in different trade journals and is peer reviewer for publications in the field of Road Traffic Safety for CEPOL's European Law Enforcement Research Bulletin.

“The activities of ROADPOL are very important all over the EU and for each Member State. As we all know, traffic safety activities are often not the number one priority in policing, and stand back behind other tasks, such as combatting terrorism, organised crime and other threats,” he said.
“But there is no similar field of activities which can be as successful as road policing in safeguarding our citizens and communities, and helping them to avoid losing loved ones or suffering from lifelong disability because of a single moment.”

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