Ernst Jan van Hasselt 2134 002ROADPOL
Egbert-Jan van Hasselt (Netherlands)


Egbert-Jan is a Commissioner of Police with 25 years of active service with the Dutch Police. He is the National Project Leader for Development of Road and Traffic Policing for the Netherlands police for the last 9 years and responsible for the development of police strategies and tactics in the field of fighting crime on the infrastructure (roads, rail and waterways) and road safety. He is the spokesman on road safety issues for the National Police and responsible for stake holders management: road authorities, public and private organizations on road safety, scientific institutes.
He was responsible for development and implementation of road and traffic policing concept in the new established National Police force in 2012, the introduction and implementation of the functionality of ANPR for investigation purposes within the speed cameras, the development of digital enforcement of hand held phoning, the founding of a public private cooperation on collecting collision data and some interesting functionalities on the mobile platform for traffic police officers.

Since the last 5 years Egbert-Jan is TISPOL council member for the country and since 2018 he is Vice President and member of the executive committee of TISPOL

He was formerly Deputy Police Chief of a regional police force (1500 police officers) and has comprehensive experience across a broad range of police disciplines.

Before joining the police force for the second time in 2003, Egbert-Jan had a career in the automotive industry for nine years. As board member of the importer op Volkswagen and Audi in the Netherlands, he was responsible for the services and sales of commercial vehicles and the development and quality of the dealer network. He moved to the brand identity sector as managing Director of an international oriented project management company. In 2000 he became an independent marketing and communications consultant.

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