Demetris Demetriou 300Demetris Demetriou (Cyprus)

Demetris Demetriou was born in Nicosia in 1963. He joined Cyprus Police in July 1984, and since August 2017 he has been serving as Assistant Chief of Police for Training and Education. Previously he served as a Director of the Traffic Department of Police Headquarters for six years, whereas throughout his career, he has served for another six years in different positions in Traffic Departments. Since July 2018, both the Traffic Department and the Divisional Traffic Branches have been placed under his Administration, because of his relevant expertise.
He has also served at various Police Departments, Services and Units, among which as Officer in Charge of the Press and Public Relations Office (2002-2006), as Nicosia Divisional Police Commander (6/2014-3/2017) and as Director of European Union and International Police Cooperation Directorate (3/2017-8/2017).

Mr. Demetriou has completed a degree in Business Administration at the University of Piraeus and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from the University of Nicosia. He also gained a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration from the Mediterranean Institute of Management and a Master’s Degree in Arts with a specialization in Strategic Planning from Middlesex University, UK. Additionally, he holds a Certificate in Investigation and Reconstruction of Road Traffic Accidents from Northwestern University in Chicago, USA, for which he was granted a scholarship.
He has attended various seminars, workshops and conferences in Cyprus and abroad, on many different topics, such as road safety, crisis management, hostage negotiation, to name a few. He has himself organised a lot of seminars, and lectured in most of them as well. Moreover, he has published numerous articles on Police related subjects and especially on Traffic and Road Safety issues.
In 2016 he was a member of a Committee, which conducted a study on road traffic collisions in Cyprus, commissioned by the Chief of Police due to a remarkable increase in the number of fatal traffic collisions in Cyprus.
In 2019 he was appointed Head of a Committee, which conducted a study concerning the Road Traffic problem in Nicosia, also commissioned by the Chief of Police.

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