55 Kilos Of Hashish Seized

In Cross-border Operation


Belgium drugs7 FEB - 55 kgs of hashish were seized in a single vehicle during a large cross-border operation of four ROADPOL member countries.

From 3rd to 6th of February the Police and customs services of the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and Belgium organized a cross-border action against drug trafficking and drug tourism.

The action under the name "Operation Hazeldonk" is part of a cooperation in which the Benelux countries and France are attacking organized drug distribution networks and the criminal organizations involved. Of the 1,991 people checked, 250 were in possession of drugs. 44 people were under the influence, 14 people were arrested and 19 vehicles were seized. Police also got 1,4 kilos of marijuana, 279 cannabis plants, a kilo of cocaine, 2.5 kilos of amphetamine, 29 pills XTC, 1 unit of laughing gas, a tone of solid and 1.5 tones of liquid precursors, 21 weapons and €49,540 of cash.


On February 3, 2022, near Gembloux, on the E411 towards Arlon, a Ford Kuga, registered in France, caught the attention of Belgian Road Police on the road to Namur. Having noted a driving violation, the policemen decided to check the vehicle. Thanks to the expertise in concealment of the colleagues from the patrol and surveillance unit and the support of an expert from the Belgian Federal Police's drug section, the search of the vehicle revealed 55 kilos of hashish hidden in the trunk of the vehicle. The French driver has been placed under an arrest warrant.


On the same day at around 11:35 p.m. a vehicle refused to stop for a check in the Gavers police area in Harelbeke. The vehicle fled and the teams of the West Flanders Federal Highway Police took the lead in pursuit. After a collision, the fleeing vehicle came to a stop. The driver was arrested after fleeing on foot. In the vehicle, 2500 grams of amphetamines were found. Earlier this day the Brasschaat mobile customs team checked a Dutch vehicle on the E19, Minderhout parking lot, heading to Antwerp. This check uncovered large quantities of chemicals, including 1,000 kg of sodium hydroxide, 1,000 liters of phosphoric acid and 250 liters of formic acid - all known to be used to produce synthetic drugs.


The Luxembourg Federal Road Police carried out checks on the A28 motorway near Aubange on the night of February 5th. Two Portuguese residents were arrested for selling drugs. They were in possession of 16 pellets of heroin and €800 in small denominations. At the same location, the police dog pointed to the right rear seat of a Volvo vehicle. A thorough search then uncovered €29,000 hidden in the seat. The driver, of Albanian nationality, was handed to the prosecution.